Sunday 8 July 2012

Introducing Keith the Cat and Ogden the Ogre !

As a pug with sophisticated tastes and partial to only the occasional Gentleman's Relish sandwich for elevenses I was intrigued when I was introduced to Ogden the Ogre and Keith the Cat and a veritable abundance of pie and ice cream.

Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat - Written by Sue Hendra
- Published by Simon and Schuster

With sparkly cover!

If you're not captivated by the glittering hundreds and thousands on the cover and the fact that the hero of the story is a cat called Keith then you will certainly be once you step inside this tittersome picture book.
Poor old ginger Keith unexpectedly finds himself with a rather  tasty looking ice cream right atop his bonce.
Well the other cat folk can hardly contain their laughter as Keith is covered with sticky melty ice cream and poor old Keith has to think of a damage limitation plan toot sweet!

Keith pretends his unfortunate melty ice cream hat is actually a magical magicians hat and through a series of coincidentally mishaps manages to convince his pals that he is in fact a Magician of the highest order.. BUT even a magic hat made of ice cream might not be enough to get them out of a pickle involving a huge hungry looking dog. Will Keith be able to pull one last magical stunt and save the day? You'll have to read and find out.  

From the creators of best-seling Barry the Fish With Fingers! (also worth a look)

We Give Keith the Cat 5 scoops of ice cream and a flake out of 5

The Yoga Ogre - Written by Peter Bently and Illustrated by Simon Rickerty - Published by Simon and Schuster

No wthis one is a corker so before I start I shall limber up with a few lunges and squats...

Poor Old tubby ogre Ogden has finally succumbed to all  of the slimming advertising on TV and decides that it's time to ditch the 12 pies breakfasts and get in shape.

His chums tell him exercises is the way forward and he gets stuck straight in with gusto. Unfortunately Ogden isn't quite the Usain Bolt he imagines himself to be and gets himself into all manner of pickles as he tries out golf, horse riding, hockey, basketball and football amongst others. Finally after much destruction Ogden settles on Yoga ... Zen like and flexible he aint!
In despair his chums suggest that maybe a diet might be a slightly less damage inducing way of getting in shape.
Will Ogden ditch the pies and get in shape for the Olympics?  You'll have to wait and see.

We give The Yoga Ogre 5 pies and a snazzy sweatband out of 5!

To win these two fabulous picture books post a comment below - winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday 11th July

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  1. Yes, please! We love Barry, and Norman, and would love to add Keith to the family ;-) Not to mention that we love all monsters, ogres very welcome :-)


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