Tuesday 3 July 2012

The Tales on Moon Lane Cake Fest with Chris Judge and Chris Haughton

On Friday Book Sniffer Towers celebrated the launch of the fabulous-o The Sun Comes Out On Moon Lane festival by hosting a Twitterstravanganza in the form of a Book Sniffer Twitter cake fest with two of the countries best illustrators Mr Chris Judge and Mr Chris Haughton.

Here's a summary of all the larks and cakes, just in case you missed it! (check out #tomlcakefest for the un-edited version)

Afternoon chaps welcome to the the Book Sniffer and
Plenty of cake to go round and it's calorie free!

@chrisjudge Hi Sniffer and Chris! Looks like a lovely spread!

Who wants tea?

@TheJanePorter milk but no sugar thanks, not too strong

@chrisjudge Perfect tea thank you

@chrishaughton milk no sugar please :)

@davidmaybury Could I have tea please? Oh, I brought cake! But it was, ehm, that is, I, eh, lost it

@davidmaybury A little milk would be great.

@chrishaughton lovely!!! Is there a cake?


@TheJanePorter quite a large slice pls!

@KimberleyLScott WOW. JEALOUS is all I can say.

@julesmarriner Hello all! Are there any choc brownies left?

Haughton and Judge - What can you see from your studio window?

@chrisjudge - Rather than describe it I just took a quick photo out of my studio window.

@chrishaughton I can see a building site and part of a jcb

@storyseekersuk that would be my son's DREAM view!

@chrishaughton :) its wonderful! the sound of reversing trucks and walls being knocked down

so what cakes would you recommend I eat while reading your lovely picture books?

@chrisjudge  I just rediscovered Jamaican Ginger cake I highly recommend that.

@chrishaughton carrot cake is my fav. But that cake booksniffer made looks pretty darn good

@chrisjudge You know I'm allergic to carrots Chris. How could you.

@chrishaughton oh yeah! I forgot about that... Oh well george would just eat it all in one go anyhow

@chrishaughton i hope no one ate a slice george had licked the top of it

Lucky the Lonesome beast wasn't here - he'd have eaten the lot!

Which Children's classic would you most like to illustrate?

@chrishaughton alice in wonderland! i would love to do that. i love that book..

Who should we follow on Twitter?

@chrishaughton follow on twitter i would say is v good for kids book info (though he never shuts up!)

What's the funniest thing a child has asked you at an event?

@chrishaughton after my storytime one child put his hand up said 'my dad has a telescope and when you look things are much bigger so funny. nothing to do with anything. his mind must have been thinking telescopes all thru storytime
@chrisjudge I did a workshop in my cousins school where her kids go, one of them asked her if she was my mum!
@damyantipatel what new books are you working on?

@chrishaughton Currently 'dont worry i have a plan' 3rd book

Whos sketchbook would you most like to snoop through?

@chrisjudge ooh Jon Klassen's notebook would great to snoop in.

@chrishaughton yeah! his new book is brilliant and very funny. i cant wait for the 3rd of the hat trilogy

@chrishaughton id love to snoop thru beatrice alemagna/ chamo/ jon klassen/ maurice sendak/leo lionni/bruno munari's sketchbooks
You both seem to travel alot - where to next?
@chrishaughton im going back to kathmandu next month to work more on the rug project

@chrisjudge Going to London on Monday for the Illustration event

@damyantipatel aside from cake what are the other essential tools for an illustrator?

@chrishaughton i couldnt do much without my laptop these days. A laptop a sketch book and cake is all you need

The Sun Comes Out On Moon Lane Festival kicks off on Monday 2nd July and finishes on the 7th July - So get your botty's down there pronto!

Follow the two Chris's on Twitter! @chrisjudge and
@chrishaughton - THANK YOU to everyone who joined the tea party!

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