Tuesday 10 July 2012

Winston Was Worried - Review

Winston Was Worried - Written by Pamela Duncan Edwards and Illustrated by Benji Davies

I've been spending a lot of time in the waiting room at our local vets of late with Mouse (the cat) .. The poor old biddy now has precautionary trumpet head and quite frankly other than a tin of sardines the only thing that has cheered her up of late and distracted her from the indignity was a good story! and that came in the form of the wonderful Winston Was Worried.

Before we leap in lets take a moment  to appreciate the hilarious end papers .. ahhh what a funny bunch of unusual looking canines (yes I know "pot and kettle")
 Some of whom you might recognise as they featured in our Friday Doggy Doodle Gallery!

Winston is a pup with a prickly paw problem of huge proportions.. or so he thinks.
There is a dratted splinter in Winston's paw and he is completely and utterly convinced that this is quite frankly the worst thing ever to happen EVER.. and he's quite keen on telling everyone who'll listen and quite a few who won't just how down in the dumps he feels.

Finally after much relentless complaining about his splinter to all and sundry Winston licks it clean away completely oblivious to the chaos and calamity happening all around him - Winston is soon to come up with a brand new ailment and finally ends up at the vets with all of his less fortunate chums!

Pamela's wonderful text is refreshing and jolly and great for joining in whilst reading aloud with little pups. 
A dynamic author / illustrator partnership in which Benji has created some beautifully vibrant retro illustrations and hilarious characters which leap and bound off the pages. Winston Was Worried is a treasure trove of detail to paw over with a good scoop of visual slap stick. (keep a beady eye out for the cheeky little bonus sub story on each page - miniature mousey perfection) 

We give Winston Was Worried 5 boney-o's out of 5 ! .. and a head trumpet for good measure.
Barking mad wonderful stuff...

All images (c) Benji Davies

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