Saturday 15 March 2014

100 Bears


There are a great many more than 100 reasons why you should add 100 Bears by Magali Bardos to your collection but here are 10 to start you off...

1-  A more visually arresting book you'll be hard pressed to find - printed in vivid gem like block colours has this book has such a rich silken physicality it almost feels like you own the only copy in the whole world. 

2- Magali has created an engaging and supremely mischievous band of bears - turning the page is almost irresistible to the reader as chaos and mayhem ensue. 

3- The gentle and subtle progression of the visualisation of the number 1 on a page to 100 builds with an increasingly entertaining velocity to the point where your eyes dart across the page frantically counting a myriad of objects including bees, toes and colouring pencils.   

4- Parents and children alike will relish in this anarchic adventure across town and countryside, and there are infinite opportunities for reader engagement as you compete to spot minute details.

5- Numeracy in books for younger readers has a familiar monotonous and rarely ventured away from format and this breaks down every barrier incorporating storytelling and joy in bucket loads. 

6- Magali is an insightful and charismatic artists with an intuitive relationship with shape and colour. 

7- The visual depiction of the 'Fattest Bear' weighing in at a hefty 96 Kilos is quite frankly something of comical masterpiece. 
8- Who wouldn't want to see several slightly out of control bonkers burly bears triumph over a band of moustachioed Bavarian hunters whilst guzzling 20 delicious deserts?  

9 - It is a steal at only 13 of your English pounds and would make an incredible gift for a dear friend.. or yourself. It is an affordable work of art in book form.

10- The publishers of 100 Bears - Flying Eye Books have such a deep seated integrity and commitment to creating reassuringly satisfying books that simply the logo on the spine is certification enough that the book you have in your hand will be 100% satisfying in every aspect. 

A book to 'Paw' Over on a rainy day

Find out more about French artists Magali Bardos 
by visiting her website 

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