Saturday 22 March 2014

Blast off!

Today has been an unmitigated success as after a miserable week we finally unfurled 'Convertible' Spaceship published by Miles Kelly Publishing weitten by Amy Johnson and illustrated by Simon Abbott 

Personally I simply can't imagine anything more thrilling than a book which you can actually get inside! 

This is something altogether more spectacular, A book which after you've enjoyed the story and spotted numerous googly eyed aliens, converts into a space rocket, well I was completely aghast! And so was Little Sniffer. 

What an utter treat. I think I might be purchasing a few more copies for other budding astronauts - I will also be enquiring as to whether anyone publishes these in grown-up sizes.

Bravo for imaginative intuitive publishing. 

This book really is an interstellar hit! 

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