Wednesday 12 March 2014

Thoroughly Modern Miffy

Can you believe a creature so fresh faced, relevant and contemporary as beloved Miffy could possibly be 59 years old!? It is quite incredible isn't it. 

In recent months Simon and Schuster have sensitively re- packaged and re-imagined some of Dick Brunas classic Miffy titles with the help of rhyming wordsmith delightful Tony Mitton. Tony has risen to what must have been a daunting challenge with grace and flair and the updated versions read like a dream. 

As clever, charming and inclusive as they were when they were first published. The Miffy brand will forever more be a staple on children's bookshelves across the world. Essential reading for small bunnies everywhere. 

Three cheers to Miffy and another 50 fabulous years!

With huge thank to the S&S team for inviting us to their memory making Miffy extravaganza. We had the best time and ate more cup cakes than we ever imagined possible. 

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