Sunday 5 October 2014

Little BIG Boubo by Beatrice Alemagna

Ever get the feeling you are a small fish in a BIG pond? not Boubo! He is as sure as sure can be that he's a 'big boy' and no one can tell him any different. 

Beatrice has created a collection of exquisite characterful illustrations incorporating collage and pencil work with deft expertise, I especially enjoyed the smaller format of this particular book which perfectly complimented the sentiment behind the story. 

Little Big Boubo tackles the theme of growing up with charm and good humour as Boubo embarks on the inevitable transition from baby to toddler and toddler to BIG boy.

With endearing confidence and joyful innocence Boubo makes his way through life growing in stature, learning to ride a bike, and exploring his new found independence always safe in the knowledge that he is and always will be the apple of his mother's eye. 

The the overriding message and one which wraps the story up in a big cosy hug is the incomparable importance of a mother's unconditional love. A perfect bedtime read. 

A BIG story with HUGE appeal wrapped up in a small book.

Find out more about Beatrice and her work on her website - Click HERE  - With Thanks to Tate Publishing for bringing this fabulous book to our attention. 

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