Sunday 1 April 2012

Michelle Robinson's Yak Yuk and Bear Boar

Bear Boar and Yak Yuk written by Michelle Robinson and Illustrated by David Sim.
Well these little gems have just landed on the doorstep of Book Sniffer Towers and what a delight they are too!

Bland old baby books are ten a penny these days but baby books for cool and discerning babes are a little harder to sniff out.
These two perfectly formed treasures have been cleverly written by tittersome Twitter addict and all round good egg Michelle Robinson, they feature a very clever play on words with a story told through delightfully vivid scratchy crayony drawings by David Sim.

That's what I do when you ask to share my 2 finger Kit Kat!

A magical combination of simplicity and sophistication with potential for funny accents and lot's of shouty fun!  Join Bear and Boar as they learn about sharing and Yak Yuk and his friend duck who learn about friendship and helping each other out.

The Mac-Daddy!

Michelle brightens up my day every day on Twitter with her bonkers as a bag of monkeys tweets - Follow her @MicheRobinson... you won't be disappointed!  OR visit her website!

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