Wednesday 11 April 2012

Walk like an Egyptian....

As I sit here on my cushion it strikes me that everyday suburban life can be ever so dreary at times, it's times like these that I am grateful for bite sized packages of adventure and so I don my fez and lay my paws on
An Egyptian Escape written by K.A.Gerrard
and masterfully illustrated by Emma " Lips" Dodd

The much undervalued graphic novel format is just about blooming perfect for young pups about to fledged the picture book nest but hesitant about colossal standard format fiction.
An Egyptian Escape is the second book in this blossoming series for young readers (The first in the series being
 A Roman Rescue ) featuring Charlie (who has very fashionable shoes) and his dog Bandit (a dashing looking pup if ever I saw one)

Bright, absorbing, non-condescending and packed with thrill per minute adventure these books will be relished and I'd bet my bottom dollar consumed in one sitting.

In this Charlie and Bandit adventure our intrepid pair find themselves hurled feet first back to Egypt in 1906 where they quickly become embroiled in uncovering the hidden secrets of the Egyptian tombs.
Making friends, solving mysteries and getting up to a smattering of mischief are just the start of this adventure which includes some very comedic slap stick scenarios between a posh chap and a vest wearing man in a fez! (what's not to like!) 

As a bonus treat once you have finished the story there is a fabulous fact filled notebook at the back of the book, brimming with enough intriguing information for the brain boxes amongst you to win even the toughest pub quiz.

Emma's illustrations are engaging and accessible and perfectly compliment Kelly's thoroughly researched and entertaining texts.

Right I'm off to hunt for a time travel portal in the garden!  see you last year!

Toodle Pip!

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