Thursday 19 April 2012

The Worst Princess (the best dragon!)

Written by Anna Kemp and Illustrated by the divine Sara Ogilvie (Of Dogs Don't Do Ballet fame)

Sue is a Princess with her eyes on the prize keen to bag herself a dashing and buff Prince worthy of her affections. (aren't we all!)

As if by fairy tale magic a gorgeous beau appears to rescue Sue from her tower (after battling numerous obstacles including a hilarious Viking astride a stinky pig!) the Prince “rescues” Sue from her tower and takes her back to his kingdom for a life of luxury and a gypsy wedding style dress for every day of the week. What more could any budding Princess desire?

In true Jeremy Kyle style the handsome prince is not all he is cracked up to be, especially for such a gregarious and vivacious Princess. Sue calls on the assistance of fearsome dragon with flashing eyes and this dynamic duo take care of that pesky rascal prince and teach him a harsh butt burning life lesson.

With beautiful textured paper and luxuriant gold foiling this luscious picture book deserves multitudinous readings and re-readings.  Sara’s carefully considered illustrations maintain a magical spontaneity and each page bursts with colour and character and Anna’s faultless rhyming text is bountifully entertaining and tittersomely chuckle packed. 
This is a hilarious twisted fairy tale and one of the best “Princess saved by Knight" rip-ROAAAAR-ing stories I have seen in a long time - It also includes one of THE best picture book dragons in this fair kingdom!
I enjoyed this book so much I wanted to bite it let alone sniff it!
Galloping upon the back of a fearsome dragon in your direction in paperback VERY SOON - Grab a copy and live happily ever after!

THANK YOU to the lovely peopleingtons at
Simon and Schuster for sending us a copy - we salute you!

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