Wednesday 11 April 2012

What's that pong? ....It's Whiffy Wilson!

Whiffy Wilson
Written by Rhyme Master Caryl Hart
and illustrated by Leonie Lord

Sniff sniff... you know I'm a big fan of sniffing.. but sometimes there are some pongs which are just too ponky to sniff... Whiffy Wilson is one such stinky critter. As charming as he is he's been working extremely hard cultivating an unbearable stench.. he is a walking advertisement for Lynx deodorant!

Grimey pants, matted fur and fungus between his toes he is cruising for a bath and no mistake! Eventually the stench becomes too much and in order to dodge the inevitable bath he decides to run away from home....  

Whiffy Wilson is soon sniffed out by an inquisitive and sweet smelling young lady by  the name of Dotty who shows Whiffy that being clean and fresh and not ponky is fun because it means you can get all mucky again.

Teach your little ankle biters that bogeys and bum boils can easily be avoided with a quick scrub-a-dub-dub in the old tub!

Caryl has a wizard-like mastery of rhyming texts and this one is the bees knees (especially the bit about washing his.. erum bum! tehehe)

I recommend you hop in the tub with Whiffy at the soonest opportunity!

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