Sunday 19 May 2013

A Mammoth HIT from Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley - EXCLUSIVE SNIFFER PREVIEW

There's an unexpected wafty scent of fusty-musty-mammoth about the place, I can ignore it no longer, there comes a time when you need to get your Matey Bubbles and loofah out and give your stinky-dinky Mammoth a good scrub!

'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' is the perfect guide should you find yourself in such a situation, and quite frankly if you are in a situation where you need to bath your mammoth  you're going to need as much help as you can get. 

This unique picture book is a fully comprehensive step-by-step guide to bathing your woolly mammoth as quickly and efficiently as possible. With clever contemporary page layouts interspersed with hilarious (YET ESSENTIAL) tips such as cake bribery and using a broom handle for gentle encouragement. 

Each turn of the page reveals yet more hilariously chaotic attempts at squashing the huge pachyderm into the small bath tub to the point at which you almost start to think it might be worth just giving up!

I laughed so much my cheeks hurt at the bemused looking Mammoth squashed uncomfortably into the tub with his droopy trunk lolloping over the edge of the bath as his  behind-ear-area are given a thorough scrub with a broom

I practically snorted tea out of my nose as I perused the various hairstyles achieved with a generous splot of shampoo, Have you ever seen a mammoth with a mullet? ... a comb-over? ... no me neither until now, and that alone has made my world a happier place. 

Development sketches - EXCLUSIVE to the Sniffer blog

A fresh funny picture book with a happy sweet smelling ending. Perfect for reading before, after or even during a nice hot bath.

I heartily recommend this tittersome rollicking tale, and we give How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth 4 bath bombs and a flowery show cap out of 5 - Utter soapy perfection, a huge shaggy triumph. 

Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley are a match made in picture book heaven and go to show that such perfectly clever intuitive pairing can really make the magic happen, I have rarely come across an author with such a spontaneous and natural sense of humour and Hindley's unique and awe-inspiring vintage illustrations quite frankly make me want to weep with joy. 

I can't recommend this book highly enough, How to Wash a Mammoth written by Michelle Robinson and Illustrated by Kate Hindley is published by Simon and Schuster this August - PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!!!!! 

We are lucky enough to have a procured a bloggish contribution from this wonderfully talented team so over to you...

Michelle's bit:
It’s a good job I’'m an author and not a washerwoman. If something is'n’t labelled ‘Easy Care’, I guarantee I will shrink it, stretch it, put mysterious holes in it or inadvertently turn it grey. Woolen garments give me the shivers. Washing my children is just as difficult, even though there’s no risk of shrinkage (I think?).

Just getting them into the bath is hard enough, let alone the trauma of hair washing, fights over plastic turtles, fingers getting stuck in taps, etc. Then they end up having so much fun they’re impossible to get back out. Ask any parent: bath time is a challenge of MAMMOTH PROPORTIONS.
HOW TO WASH A WOOLLY MAMMOTH is a bath time manual for washing the trickiest of filthy folk, illustrated by MAMMOTH TALENT Kate Hindley. Over to you, Kate...

Kate’s Bit:
Its always exciting to receive new texts from a super-duper-author-extraordinaire like Michelle, but as a proud member of the Royal Society of the Appreciation of Mammoths, I was particularly chuffed about illustrating this one.

Hygiene is a very important part of responsible prehistoric mammal ownership. After a good dash round the park and paddle in the duck pond it’s more than likely you’ll have to give your Mammoth a thorough bathing. However, getting your mammoth into your average home-sized bathtub is no mean feat. The diagrams in this book will hopefully illustrate how to successfully lead your mammoth to (clean) water. Just make sure he doesn’t drink it all.

You can read more about how this mammoth picture book came to be on Michelle's blog - READ IT HERE 

We are very lucky to be able to show to you some utterly exclusive mammoth development sketches from the fair hand of Hindley. 

Kate is without doubt one of the hottest new illustrators on the block she is imaginative, unique and so SO jaw droppingly talented (she's nice too AND she looks good in a fake tash!) - It gives us Sniffers hope that the future of picture books is as bright as the sun with a top hat on. Three cheers to that. 

So here's your exclusive sneak peek, What a treat! 

Follow Michelle and Kate on Twitter - you'll be in for a treat! @MicheRobinson and @hindleyillos

Thanks ever so to dearest Kate and Michelle, Toodle-Pip for now my dear Sniffers! Toot Toot 


  1. Thanks for the great post. The art in "Mammoth" is so cute! I have to get it.

  2. A fabulos match of author and illustrator .cant wait to buy this one .. Looks like the chuckle dial is turned up to 11 :0)


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