Wednesday 1 May 2013

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam -

Move over Boney and Clyde there's a new mischievous duo in town and they are b-b-b-b-baaaad to the bone!

From the pen of Tracey Corderoy and the brush of the talented Steven Lenton comes what might just be my latest, favourite duo: hilarious robber dogs, Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam.

After falling on hard times and failing desperately as tip-toeing burglars the two miserable mutts hatch a perfect plan to dig into their neighbours pockets by inviting them over for a lavish tea party. 

Despite previously never having donned a pinny OR been near the kitchen, the loveable villains are determined to make their paw penned plot a success. 

Will their plan rise perfectly like a choux bun in a hot oven? OR will it fall disappointingly flat like a soggy bottomed fruit flan? I’d love to tell you but I fear I shouldn’t or I’ll spoil their tittersome plan. I can't help but wonder if Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam might not be better off starting a line in cakes containing files... just saying 

Now I think a good rhyming text is hard to come by but this chucklesome read scans perfectly, and on top of that, Tracey's fabulous text is brought charmingly to life by talented new illustrator Steven Lenton who presents us with the perfect, comical, canine duo. 

Lenton’s ability to design ingenious and visionary characters shines brightly on these pages and sitting and 'pawing' over the myriad of anthropomorphised animals is one of its great joys. (The multi striped, patched and coloured zoo spread might just have to be my favourite...complete with baby kangaroo in the swag bag).

With droolsomely-delicious end papers that are good enough to eat, and a subtle palette that works beautifully on the page, this has to be one of my top ‘tails’ of the year so far ! And on top of all that, it’s from that ‘ever so clever’ team at Nosy Crow.

Just one more thing…now I do like a moral behind a good picture book story and we all know crime doesn’t pay, so dig into your pockets, get down to your local bookshop and hand over the money...You won’t regret it.

Book Sniffer and Co give 
Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam 
5 cream bones out of 5! 
An absolute TRIUMPH..The best swag in the bag! 

Pop by and visit Tracey's website here and PLEASE follow Steven Lenton on Twitter @2dscrumptious, check out his charming website here 


DISHY McLenton

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