Friday 10 May 2013

Dearest Chums ...

WARNING: I'm about to gush like Gwyneth Paltrow plunging down the Niagara Falls and no mistake..

I've been pondering this post for many weeks now, following a flurry of wonderful deliveries at Book Sniffer Towers.

SO in a mammoth extravaganza here are reviews by some authors and illustrators (and friends) so very dear to my heart I might just pop with pride. 

Troll Swap 
By Leigh Hodgkinson 
Published by Nosy Crow

Here for your delectation and delight is a modern day tale of mischief and mess!
Ever feel like you don't fit in? Well, that's just the problem Timothy Limpit the troll has, he's far too tidy and neat (a troll after my own heart). Fortunately Timothy meets Tabitha Lumpit who happens to be a girl with the manners of a stinky troll so together they embark on the great Troll Swap. 

A book with just the right balance of smelly burps and spick and span tidiness. Have you ever in your life seen such a bright and bonkers book jacket, it literally bounces off the shelf, Leigh's illustrations just get better and better. Grab a copy of troll swap as quick as you can!

We give Troll Swap 3 whiffy socks and some shake'n'vac out of 5! 
Smelly Footnote : OBVIOUSLY my own manners are faultless and I've not tooted in years 

Follow Leigh on Twitter @hoonbuton and check out her marvellous non-stinky blog here

By Alex T Smith 
Published by Scholastic 

Roll out the red carpet Sniffers this latest offering is a picture book worthy of a huge stamp of royal approval. 
Princess Primrose is a flame haired bundle of joyful frivolity but is her behaviour fitting of that of a perfect princess? HRH Grandma pays an emergency visit to teach the straight laced royals a very important lesson (in having fun!). 

Primrose is clever, entertaining, refreshing and most of all a jolly good chortle. 
This picture book will put a right royal spring in your step. 

Those Sniffers who are lucky enough to have a copy in their mitts may notice a certain familiar face in the form of Percy the royal pug who I am assured by Mr Smith himself is ever so slightly based on ME! Would you Adam and Eve it.  Actually-absolutely THE proudest day of my life!

We give Primrose 5 plump pugs on a platter out of 5 

Actually-absolutely THE proudest day of my life!
I had to breath into a paper bag and sit on my comfy cushion for a good while when this little gem arrived on the doorstep. 
It is well documented that I am and always have been a HUGE fan of 
Alex T Smith, (read here...and here .. and here ) his work is clever, unique, charming and hugely tittersome, his characters and attention to detail are second to none and he is without doubt just an all round nice chap, you MUST follow Alex on Twitter @Alex_T_Smith - #bloominhilarious! #allhailprimrose #toot-toot

Bubble and Squeak 
Written by James Mayhew Illustrated by Clara Vulliamy
Published by Orchard Books
I always new my heart would be fit to burst if Clara and James created a book together they are without doubt a total dream team with a cherry on top. I had heard whisperings about Bubble and Squeak some time ago, a magical legend I dare not believe it until I laid my actual peepers on its magnificent pages.. It is a thing of purest wonder and joy. 

Roll up Roll up for a thrilling tale of dare devil adventure. With all the glamour of the golden age of the circus and a good smattering of mild peril Bubble the elephant and Squeak the mouse forge a very special friendship.

This beautifully written story is perfectly complimented with sumptuous and joyfully bright illustrations which are good enough to eat and bounce like a clown on a trampoline off the pages.

A picture book as sweet as candyfloss and as bright as a string of technicolor fairy lights.

We give Bubble and Squeak 4 hot dogs and a bucket of glitter out of 5 

Follow James and Clara on Twitter @claravulliamy and @mayhewjames also visit their blogs! here and here 

Mabel and Me Best of Friends 
Written by Mark Sperring Illustrated by Sarah Warburton 
published by HarperCollins 

An utterly charming story following the hilarious friendship between Mabel and her well meaning chum. Beautifully expressive illustrations bring this hilarious tale of misunderstandings to life. I have recommended this book over and over, it's just beautiful and funnier than a monkey in a fez.  

One to relish reading over and over with your very best friend. Congratulations to this dynamic new team who have created a very special book. Lets hope we see more of Mable very soon! 

We give Mabel and Me 4 love hearts and our last Rolo out of 5 

For a hilarious and touching insight into the creation of this book read this blog post by Sarah herself.. truly inspiring! 

Visit Sarah's blog here and follow her on Twitter @SarahWarbie 

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam 
Written by Tracey Corderoy and illustrated by Steven Lenton 
Published by Nosy Crow  

Move over Boney and Clyde, there's a new pair of mischief makers in town!

Two more lovable rogues you're not likely to meet, as Shifty and Sam turn their backs on a life of tricksy pinching to open a magnificent bakery. 

A sublime and chuckle-some rhyming text with illustrations good enough to eat. Move over Mary Berry, Shifty and Sam are the new patisserie du jour. This book will tickle your funny bone and have you immediately reaching for a sticky bun....or two 

We give Shifty and Sam  4 cream horns and a macaroon out of 5 

Read our full review here   

Follow Steven on Twitter @2Dscrumptious and visit his website here  and follow Tracey on Twitter here @TraceyCorderoy 

 With thanks to the publishers / authors and illustrators for sending me such a mind bogglingly fabulous array of pure gold picture book wonderment  - TOOT TOOT! 

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