Saturday 5 March 2011

A big fat slice of Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray

Every so often a book falls into the Book Sniffers basket that makes ones heart leap with joy!
This tasty offering from the supremely talented and ever so lovely Alison Murray is one of those treats!

You won't be able to resist taking a big bite of the retro treasure which is...

The delicious Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray!

Baked to perfection!
Alison "Lovely" Murray
Apple Pie ABC has a unique and sophisticated style (not unlike myself) and as well as the ABC theme running throughout the reader is introduced to a spirited little tinker of a dog who is on a mission to get his mitts on the piping hot pie (No matter what).
Not only do you get a lesson in the alphabet but you get a smashing story too! (It's like the Kinder egg of picture books!)
We just LOVE Apple Pie ABC and if it was a piping hot pie instead of a book we wouldn't wait for it to get cool before we scoffed it down either!

You simply must wrap your chops around this tasty picture book at the soonest opportunity!
The Book Sniffer thinks Apple Pie ABC is...

Mouse ~ I got my eye on that pooch!

I'm not sure I want to give this signed copy away so I shall sit on it!

 Just to tantalise the Book Sniffers among  you even further One Two That's My Shoe is publishing very soon featuring the same tinker-tastic little pup!  

1 2 watch...

Hello super stylish flower of Scotland Alison Murray!

As you know Book Sniffing is a full time job (and one which I take very  seriously indeed!) What are you working on at the moment?
I am working on a book as part of the SBT (Scottish Book Trust) / Home Start author residency I'm doing at the moment. Its working title is "Mouse" but it's about a little girl and has lots of animals in it. (I think Mouse the cat might approve of the title!)

I struggle every day with co-habiting with a cat of all things - but when it comes to the crunch do you prefer cats or dogs? ( One won't be offended...much)

I like cats and dogs equally but my husband has an allergy to cats so I'm only allowed dogs. I have a beautiful dog called Polly who is of mixed origins but sort of collie–ish with bat ears. She looks a bit fearsome but actually is afraid of everything, especially the washing machine.

  (after a dip in the sea and a roll in the sand) and misery (when we’re eating and she’s not).

Polly! (The Book Sniffer has a crush...*blush*)
How has it been working with The Scottish Book Trust?
I am enjoying working with SBT it has been hard work and really challenging but I'm learning loads and it’s been great fun.

I the Book Sniffer have many ambitions which I aim to fulfil in the coming years including learning to ride a unicycle and mastering Cantonese, do you have any ambitions?
I have a lot of unfulfilled ambitions. One of them is to live to be a cantankerous old lady of 101.

I'm inspired every single day by the beautiful books created by supremely talented authors and illustrators such as yourself but what inspires you?
I love print, the look of it, the tactile quality of it and even the smell of it.

I am very inspired by vintage graphic design and illustration. It’s interesting to look back and see how technological developments have shaped the look and feel of design. I love the work of people like Maurice Sendak, Paul Rand, the Provensens, Saul Bass, M Sasek, William Wondriska. I love contemporary people too though – my current favourite picture book is Shadow by Suzy Lee. (book sniffer has just checked this out on the interweb and it looks like an absolute corker!)

Beautiful colour inspires me, it’s amazing how it can change your mood.

I should also mention my muse Polly (the dog), her endless expressions of love (when I might give her a bit of my biscuit), disgust (when she realises we are taking the short walk), happiness (after a dip in the sea and a roll in the sand) and misery (when we’re eating and she’s not).

Thanks for popping by to visit the Book Sniffer Alison! See you again soon (one hopes!)

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