Wednesday 23 March 2011

Elevenses with Michelle Robinson

Salutations to the lovely mustachioed Michelle Robinson...

Michelle "Le tash" Robinson

The lovely people at Book Trust are announcing the Best New Illustrators award tonight! Alas my Dickie bow is still at the dry cleaners so I am unable to attend *sigh* *sob* *sniffle* (no dogs allowed apparently) Do you have any top tips for who you think might be selected?"Ooh, Chris Haughton or Viviane Schwarz. But I could eat all of the shortlisted illustrator's work quite happily, especially if it were smeared in chocolate." (She should have put a bet on!)

I'm a big fan of Boney'o' dog biscuits and the occasional Greggs sausage roll, Word has it that you are also a big fan of biscuits, tell us about some of your favourites?"I favour the Chocolate Viennese Finger, myself. You can taste the calories, and every one of them is delicious."

I am toying with the idea of cultivating a moustache of my own although I have reservations about it hindering my sniffability - Would you recommend it?A moustache is a fine accessory for any man, woman, child or dog. I cannot recommend them highly enough. You can buy sticky-backed ones in multi-packs - great value considering you can double them up as monobrows.

You are rated as one of the most tittersome Twitterers in the Twittersphere - Do you channel the same extreme levels of wit into your books? (Follow Michelle here...)"I hope my writing is okay, I feel very flattered when people (and pug dogs) call me 'witty'. I don't think I'm smart enough to be witty, but I do try and make my work funny. I try and make the humour in my books appealing to kids and adults; I think if parents can enjoy the books they read with their children they're more likely to do it more often."
I'm in the process of moving dog basket at the moment which is tre tre tiresome - Tell us a bit about some of the projects you are working on at the moment?"Have you found a nice spot for it yet? At least the sun is starting to shine, perhaps you can find a nice warm spot over by the window? I am keeping busy writing a sort of funny horror novel for, I suspect, 9-12 year olds. I'm also fiddling about with a few picture book texts, some nonsense poems and some board book ideas. I like to juggle so that I always have something I can work on if I get stuck with one particular project and need a break from it - I find if I stop writing altogether, the fear sets in and it's hard to get back in the swing of things."

Michelles new books - coming soon illustrated by David Sim

Can you recommend any good picture books that may have slipped under the sniffer radar...
I love 'Not A Box' by Antoinette Portis. Wish I'd written it.

 I am endlessly complimented on my super human sense of smell (ideal when sniffing out good books and boney'o's stuck down the back of the chaise longue) What would your super power be?"Hmm... probably I would have super octo-arms so I could wrestle my toddler into his nappy without getting poo on my hands."

As well as my first love Picture books, my cravat collection gives me great pleasure tell us about three things which inspire you and your writing..."Children - because they're amazing. Adults - because they're just children who've been around a bit longer. Animals - because they think differently to people and they're always the best bit on You've Been Framed."Mouse (the cat) left a trick plastic pooh at the foot of my dog basket this morning - Most distasteful - perhaps you could tell us a joke to lighten the mood ...Did you hear the one about the magic tractor? It turned into a field. [SFX: drum roll, cymbal clash, groan
Thanks for stopping by the old dog basket Michelle! Good Luck with your books!

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