Tuesday 1 March 2011

Make Friends with a Book Sniffer this World Book Day

Toot Toooot all aboard the Good Ship Book Sniffer!
Celebrate World Book Day with Mr P Book Sniffer

To celebrate World Book Day 2011 one suggests we all come out of the Book Sniffing closet.
There are hundreds and thousands of us Picture Book sniffers out there so we must unite and rally the troops!

Why not recommend the Book Sniffing blog to one of your friends and ask them to join us on Facebook.

Please email / post on the Facebook page, pictures of you sniffing your favourite picture books! (amusing photos of dogs wearing hats and sniffing books can also be entered and will be considered for the prize) 
Let's make this WBD a picture book sniffing carnival to remember!

The best photo will win a splendid prize (I can't tell you what it is yet because it's almost too exciting!)

Me and the Paranormal Romance loving  cat called "Mouse"

We have all manner of treatish delights coming soon including the usual smattering of Picture Book reviews as well as feature posts with...DRUM ROLL...Neal Layton, Caroline Jayne Church, Giles Paley-Phillips, Alison Murray, Sheena Dempsy, Hayley Welsh AND David Melling!

TTFN - Fellow Book Sniffers 


Mr P Book Sniffer

P.S - Do let me know if there are any books or illustrators which you would like me to give a good sniffng and I'll see what I can do!  

HERE are our first two entries in the competition!
A delightful array of fave picture books ready for sniffing! - By Melanie of Library Mice fame!
Jeffry Jam enjoying a good sniff!

Enthusiastic Book Sniffing - By Amanda Lilywhite

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  1. Well done everyone - you all win - Happy World Book Day!!!


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