Friday 4 March 2011

"It's a Book" - By Lane Smith

I almost choked on my wholemeal Marmitey toast as I sat in my dog basket in my stripy pajamas this morning, I was aghast and agogg as the BBC Breakfast's delightfully soave Charlie State (not a patch on lovely "Uncle Billy Turnball") embarked on a debate regarding the ereader Vs the real book.

Well my dear fellow book sniffers the perfect book sprang to mind and if you don't mind I'd like to tell you all about! 

"It's a Book" by Lane Smith  

Starring a Mouse (a real one not a cat one!) a Jackass (one might also refer to him as a donkey) and a Monkey (who knows what he likes and what he likes is books!)

A post World Book Day treat...

Monkey is exasperated by the e-crazy Jackass who simply can't (no matter what) see why a real book we have a patch on an eBook. Monkey and I are kindered spirits as I have the same exhasperations trying to convert The Mouse to the delights of the Picture Book Vs the blood sucking durge that is Paranomal Romance...

Mouse ~ "I like this one muchly!"

With only a dusting of words on each page the gestures speak volumes and in the end as you would expect the Jackass is converted and spends hours and hours with his muzzle wedged firmly in the safe nestley comfort of a book. And that my friends is a good story!  

The Book Sniffer gives "It's a Book" 5 buttery slices of toast and a dusty old book out of 5!

If you want to see a super-splendid animated version of this snifferiffic story click here!

There is also a fabulous website which you can find here!

AND Lane writes a fabulous blog about the type of weird and wonderfull snifferrific books Book Sniffer just can't get enough of! - You can find that here...

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  1. That Jackass is hilarious and perfectly named, of course :0)
    I LOVE this book!


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