Saturday 26 March 2011

Have goosey gander at this little gem!

The super gals at Bounce sent me a jiffy full of wondrous bookish treats last week and I've picked a corker to tell you about today (More to follow next week) 

 You simply must have a gander at Guji Guji (which coincidentally was reviewed by the delightful Julia Ecclesahre in the Guardian today!)
Written and illustrated by Chin-Yuan Chen (who by all accounts is a tall thin chap from Taiwan who likes going for walks.)
Guji Guji doesn't pander to the commercial fluff that you might expect from a story about a duck, No sir, this New York Times Best Seller has a look of "the Burnighams" about it.
Mother Duck seems surprisingly accommodating when one of her brood hatches into a big fat crocodile, she takes him under her wing and he becomes quite the model duckling, fitting in with all his ducky siblings. 

Wouldn't it be nice if life just paddled along happily without interruption...but that wouldn't make a very good story would it?
In the same vain as The Ugly Duckling our "crocduck" soon realises he's not a duck at all when a tricky gaggle of crocodiles try to take advantage of his good nature.

In a bid to get the best duck supper this side of China Town they try to persuade our hero to trick his adopted family - but Crocduck is wise to their plan and the tables are turned when the duck family give those naughty crocs their just deserts! mwah ha haaaaaaa.

Book Sniffer gives Guji Guji 4 scrambled eggs and a big duck pancake out of 5

All Images (c) Chin-Yuan Chen with thanks to Pip at Bounce!

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