Thursday 26 February 2015

Pom Pom Gets the Grumps by Sophy Henn

You know those days...the ones where you tumble in an undignified fashion, bottom first out of the wrong side of bed and get the grumps! (It's usually a Monday) well in true troublesome toddler fashion otherwise adorable Pom Pom panda is having just one of those days.

This pocket sized panda does grumpy like Kim Kardashian does diva. Nothing is going Pom Poms way, bad hair, bad breakfast, too much noise, siblings, embarrassing parents, even the sun is too shiny! Things only go from bad to worse at nursery where Pom Poms concerned chums try to cheer him up. 

With a bright uber stylish colour pallet clever World Book Day illustrator Sophy Henn has created a cool pre-school character with bucket loads of charm and heaps of cool attitude who will appeal to parents and little ones alike. 

We can't wait for more Pom Pom! Peeved or otherwise. 

Lemur Dreamer by Courtney Dicmas

When you are a lemur named Louis and you live on the very top floor of a critter filled tenement block there are several challenges you might face... Being eaten by a crocodile perhaps. This is the least of Louis problems... Louis is a sleepwalker. 

Each night as the animals settle down for the night, chaos ensues as Louis embarks on his regular and entirely unintentional nocturnal adventure. His friends try as best they can to help Louis avoid mortal danger without waking him but as his escapades become increasing perilous the animals are forced to take (hilarious) drastic action. 

Courtney is absolutely one of my favourite new illustrative talents and this is without doubt a unique and highly entertaining addition to her growing portfolio. 

Special props to the pigeons who's dramatic delivery of one liners is worthy of a spot on Corrie. 

Lemur Dreamer is published by Templar Publishing

The Best Birthday Present Ever by Ben Mantle

Put up the bunting and get those fondant fancies out, it's time to celebrate, clever debut picture book creator Ben Mantle has come up trumps with this bright and vibrant celebration of imagination and friendship. A gloriously garish pallet is a feast for the eyes and the woodland characters go about their daily woody business with great charm. 

Squirrel finds himself in a pickle as he tries desperately to compete with his chums to buy beloved bubble bath loving bear the best birthday present. 

The message of this story is simple and universal. The best things in life are not always the things which come in the biggest boxes and sometimes special moments shared with friends are the best gift of all. 

An absolute beauty! Well done Ben. 

The Best Birthday Present Ever is published by Macmillan Children's Books 

Whoops! By Suzi Moore and Russell Ayto

A ribbity, croaky, round and roundy rip roaring cracker of a picture book. Clever Suzi Moore who's not at all witchy has written a marvellous rhyme with extrodinary humour and charm. Russell has complimented this witty story with his trademark scratchy doodling  perfectly captureing the confused and anarchic threesome as they embark on a magical madcap adventure to find their voices. A fabulous future classic. 
 (Dare I say it... Move over Donaldson) 

Published by Templar Publishing. 

Where's the Pair? By Britta Teckentrup

Not your average spotting book! 'Where's the Pair' by Britta Teckentrup is a dynamic, poetic, visually luscious, joyful picture book to be enjoyed and relished over and over again.

Engaging and enticing prompts to solve cunning clues will have your beady eyes darting across the page like fire flies in summer. 

Britta has broken the boundaries and confines of a traditional activity book recipe with extreme style and panache!

From curious cats with matching collars ...

To inquisitive Otters with quizzical brows...

To handfuls of squirrels coveting nuts... 

And big brown bears with bold and enviable knit wear ...

Proud canines 'best in show' 

Beautiful birds fluttering off the page ...

Where's the Pair, a new Teckentrup treasure! 

Published by Big Picture Press 

Friday 20 February 2015

Rabbits Rabbits EVERYWHERE!

With HUGE thanks to author and illustrator of 'Those Pesky Rabbits' Ciara Flood and her band of merry bunnies for helping us with this blog post! You can follow Ciara on Twitter @TinyFlood OR visit her website 

Thursday 19 February 2015


A guest post by Linda Owen-Lloyd 
on-line gallery. 

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Thank heavens for illustrators like Sarah McIntyre to wake us all up to the absurd situation of children’s book illustrators being relegated to second class citizens when it comes to listing their books in bestseller lists, writing about their books in the press and giving them credit in book awards. I believe that it’s a flaw in the way books are listed at source, between publisher and Nielsen BookScan, which is at the heart of the problem. It seems that there is only room for one name to be attached to a book title and this is usually the writer’s. Other information such as the illustrator’s name (or indeed the translator’s) is left to a second tier entry and even if it is entered correctly, usually gets missed out once the information is disseminated across the industry and beyond.  Sarah’s campaign #PicturesMeanBusiness is trying to overturn this flaw and has my wholehearted backing. Read Sarah’s blog on how to support the campaign - - and with everybody’s help, we just may be able to give illustrators their due recognition. 

Read Sarah’s blog on how to support the campaign - - and with everybody’s help, we just may be able to give illustrators their due recognition. 

Saturday 7 February 2015

TOOTY FANFARE - Princess Daisy and the Nincompoop Knights are HERE!

Ta-Dah! It's here at last, the latest 
Nosy Crow picture book 
by dynamo illustrator and 
scrumptious chap 

Princess Daisy & the Nincompoop Knights! 

Princess Daisy is a force to be reckoned with, a beautiful wilful and wonderfully bold Princess who puts a league of useless knights to shame in a quest to rid her kingdom of a 'fearsome' dragon. Inspiring, beautifully written and with bucketfuls of charm,  Princess Daisy and the Nincompoop Knights is a right Royal rhyming romp of magnificent majestic proportions.

Princess Daisy and the Dragon and the Nincompoop Knights is OUT NOW   

£10.99 HB £6.99 PB published by Nosy Crow

We are beyond thrilled to welcome Steven Lenton to Book Sniffer Towers to tell us a bit more about his latest epic adventure in illustration. 

Where did the inspiration for this magnificent magical tale come from?

I have always wanted to create a new fairytale with a classic cast  – a princess, a knight, dragon etc but shaking things up a bit by reversing their roles.  I asked myself lots of questions as I developed the characters like, what if the dragon isn’t bad, why is it unknowingly scaring people?  What if the princess does the rescuing and the knight is totally incompetent, an utter nincompoop?! This all helped to formulate the plot, the title and the funny, silly characters that I hope will all bring a smile and a giggle to the books audience.

Embedded image permalink

Who is your favourite fairy tale character in Princess Daisy and the Dragon and the Nincompoop Knights?

This has to be Princess Daisy because her plucky character and cheeky smile are all inspired by my hilarious beautiful niece Hannah who has endless wit and energy. I also have a soft spot for the dragon because *SPOILER ALERT* she is SO cute! 

Are there any details in the pictures which we should look out for? 

Yes everyone must look out for the snail who is somewhere on every page – some easy to spot, some really quite tricky! Also look out for the dragon at my Princess Daisy events throughout 2015...

Pickled Pepper Books in Crouch End!

What will you be writing / illustrating next? 

I am currently illustrating Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam 2 which is really exciting and I can’t wait for everyone to meet the new baddy on the block...!


FOLLOW Steve (@2dscrumptious) @ Nosy Crow Books (@NosyCrowBooks) on Twitter! 

With huge thanks and congratulations to Steven!