Thursday 1 September 2011

SUPER Sarah McIntyre goes Piratey! arrgh.

ACTUAL Pirate treasure! ...lovely.

Hello, Booksniffer readers! My name's Sarah McIntyre, and I illustrate and sometimes write picture books and comics.  I just had a new book come out with Gillian Rogerson ] called You Can't Scare a Princess!.
I've just been mucking around in my studio, with my friend over on the next desk, Gary Northfield. We took photos of each other and he let me dress him up as a pirate. Wahey!


You, too, can make pirates with these bits and bobs! I've made up a bunch of downloadable and printable sheets and put them on my website. One lets you design a very silly pirate and the other gives you great ideas for coming up with your own Pirate Treasure Map! Here's a peek at the Draw-a-Pirate sheets:


I had loads of fun designing silly pirates for this book. Each time I came up with one I liked, I would tape the picture to the wall by my desk. Here's the rogues' gallery:

And here you can see the pirates in action!


This is a pretty complicated picture (took me ages to paint!), so I'll give you a little tour and point out a couple bits of interest. First, look at one of the paintings on the wall. Yes! It's a picture of Princess Spaghetti's space ship from their first adventure, You Can't Eat a Princess!.

 I like to think the the princess and King Cupcake have kept in touch with their alien friends.

And here's a toy with four sheep in a boat, which is my obscure little reference to my studio, The Fleece Station , where four of us creators work all together in the same little room in an old police station. We have a lot of good laughs in there. We gave ourselves that name because when we set up the studio, we were all making comics about sheep.

Do stop by my website and blog , that can keep you busy for hours and hours with stuff to print out, draw, stick together and almost every day, I post one of my own drawing or a photo of something that catches my eye. This last illustration detail is for the Sniffer, You Can't Scare a Princess! even has a dog in it, a poodle on roller skates! But my poodle's a little tied up at the moment...

CRIPES! - Poor little blighter!

A big huge thank you and a bag of lovely fancy cakes to Sarah "the super star" McIntyre - she really is a piratical legend of the highest order!
Don't forget to
buy the book here!  it's a looty book of delightful piratey adventure and a whole buckle of swash!



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