Tuesday 20 September 2011

Who wants to win a SIGNED copy of Levi Pinfolds Black Dog?

Ok so whilst I was sniffing books with the delish Levi Pinfold last week he kindly signed a copy of Black Dog for us to give away to a fellow sniffer via the medium of the blog. 

"A virtuoso display of drawings - Michael Foreman on The Django

Here's a bit about this magical frosty story of wonderment (just to wet your appetite) 

Have you ever heard the legend of The Black Dog? Some believe one glimpse of this fearful creature with set the most terrible events in motion...so when it visits the Hope family home, who could blame them for being alarmed?
This is a story about being scared...and about not being scared depending on how you see things.
A mysterious black dog appears outside the Hope family’s home. As each member of the household sees it and hides, the dog grows bigger and bigger

Only Small, the littlest Hope, has the courage to face the big Black Dog. When it chases her through the forest she shows no fear, so it grows smaller and smaller. Finally, back to the size of a normal hound, the Black Dog is welcomed into the Hope household as their newest addition.
I can tell you, paw on heart this is a stunning picture book from an award-winning and exceptionally dashing illustrator - (fingers crossed for the Greenaway Medal for this one.)
Well what fun indeed - A peachy prize and no mistakes
To be in with a chance of winning this scrumptious book leave a comment below and recommend the Book Sniffer blog to a Friend - We will choose a winner at random on Monday 26th Sept


  1. Oh this book sounds addddorable! It reminds me of my sister when she was only little as she was terrified of dogs. it was only as we grew up she managed to realise they’re not so scary after all, and after getting our first jack russel (not quite as big as Big Black Dog!!!) she became obsessed with dogs! I really cannot wait to read this book!

  2. This sounds and looks awesome! My family and I enjoyed 'The Django' and I'm sure we'd love 'The Black Dog.' Thanks for this opportunity.

  3. Reading about this book made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Simply HAVE to get hold of a copy!! The illustrations look so gorgeous, can't wait to get a closer look...

  4. Wowee! This looks stunning. I love the idea and have been excited about this book since you gave Levi Pinfold a good sniffing a few months ago! Have recommended your blog to many a person but will do so to more this very day! xx

  5. I'd love this book but I'm not keen on the colour. Could you change it to a white dog if I get it? Thanks.

  6. OOOOHHHHH would realy like the book
    i have a space just the right size on my bookshelf. i may even tidy my shelf just for it

  7. Arrrg, I think I've just missed this :)

  8. Oh, oh, oh, is there still time to enter?

  9. RIGHT - Comp closed - There can only be one winner of the signed copy and that is...drum roll...BRILLUSTRATION! Congratulations ....In other good news I have non-signed copies for the rest of you - please email your address to emma.booksniffer.odonovan@gmail.com (may take a week or so waiting for the boosk to arrive) PLEASE let me knwo what you think!


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