Sunday 1 April 2012

Seasons and People - Published by Gecko Press

It is true.. I am a glutton.. a big fat porky glutton with a hunger for beautiful books.
This week two such objects of utter delight landed on my door mat.
They were sent by gal with a sunshine smile Pip Johnson at Bounce Sales and Marketing.

My heart leapt as I peered inside the giant jiffy and caught a glimpse of two beautifully wrapped Gecko books.

Inside I found a copy of Seasons and People by award-winning Blexbolex and published by Gecko Press- not for a long time have my peepers laid upon such artistically scrumptious delights.

They are of course not strictly picture books but none-the less they are stunning.

I was almost breathless at such beautifully produced books, each spread featuring two contrasting images in a miriad of lucious inky colours 
Each picture is linked in a subtle way eg - Slave / Goddess - Fisherman / Fishmonger - Snoop and Spy (Or not so subtle  see below!) 

This one did make me chuckle teheheeeeee

These books truly are works of art, with imagination, design and aesthetics at their core and which as objects almost made me weep with joy.

Blexbolex also creates publications for one of my most favourite eye-poppingly-super-cool publishing houses No Brow so keep an eye out for more of his arty creations and read all about him here!

THANK YOU to Pip Johnson for sending  these to
Book Sniffer Towers - We salute you!

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