Tuesday 1 May 2012

Oliver Jeffers The New Jumper

I love a good Pantone and Oooh my this book has a juicy Pantone Orange to die for, Who needs sunshine when you can bask in the warm and wondrous glow of a new hardback Oliver Jeffers picture book .. BLISS

So this book features "The Huey's" I'm not sure what the collective noun for Huey's is.. perhaps a gaggle or a squabble or a murmur.
Anyway apparently Oliver has been doodling these little dudes for a while now and now they have their own book (and I expect series)

In The Huey's in The New Jumper we are introduced to the Huey's (Bean like characters with handsome noses) A collective of little beings who all like acting / looking / living the same, mostly the are quite happy and don't like change. All except for Rupert, he is a trail blazer, a fashionista and leader and an innovator, much like Oliver Jeffers (and myself!)
One day on a whim he decides to knit himself a snazzy jumper. His flamboyant new dress sense goes down like a bag-o bricks with the other Huey's!
Rupert enlists Gillespie to join his jumper gang and soon it catches on faster than clackers in the 70's. Soon every single Huey has a brand new snazzy orange jumper.. and so once again they are all the same.. phew... that is until Rupert acts upon his next fashionable whim.

Vive La Huey's and Vive being and individual in a snazzy jumper.

This is nothing like Oliver's other work and stands up out and proud looking different and being fabulous.  Three cheers for brave books with only one colour.

Other highlights include new Book Sniffer Facebook craze, the "Jumper Lunge" Rupert busts an awesome proud-as-punch-to-be-different-jumper-lunge in his new jumper so we've adopted this as a new self congratulatory pose - Made good tea? *Jumper Lunge* Remembered to put the bins out? *Jumper Lunge* finished that last pesky spread? *Jumper Lunge*.. It's universal - bust one out today!

Be proud - jumper lunge today!

Wait a minute... Where's me jumper?

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