Sunday 2 March 2014

Foxy Tales - The Cunning Plan

Step aside Sir Alan Sugar, take a hike Peter Jones, There's a new Fox on the block with a devious 'Get Rich Quick' plan of the most hair brained and maniacal nature!

Infamous Foxy DuBois and down right dastardly Alphonso the Alligator, (As featured in Egg and Catch us if you Can Can) are united again in a brand new gleaming and glossy illustrated fiction disguise.   

Coasting on hard times and with aspirations above her station Foxy has once again finds herself fending off Alphonso's ravenous advances, this time she has to come up with a most cunning plan in order to make enough dosh to keep Al well fed, thus saving her own skin and making sure she is most certainly NOT dish of the day!

Foxy has her eyes firmly on the prize and hatches a plot fitting of a creature as cunning as the sky is blue.

Plot: > Alphonso dresses up as a lady dog walker > Alphonso distracts rich rotund old lady > Foxy abducts small canine charges > Alphonso 'finds' and 'returns' pups without eating them > Thankful rich rotund old lady pays a generous reward! 

Sounds fool proof? Well prepare to snort out loud with laughter in an utterly embarrassing fashion as this particular crafty plan lands the mischievous pair in hot water (and Foxy up to her elbows in suds) 

Foxy Tales are smart books for ubercucumbercool kids, packed with delightfulness, devious critters and a belly aching laughs on every page. Not to be missed.  

  • Mr Billy Bongo - Alex T Smith's real life canine companion playing the role of the slightly weak bladdered star of the show.
  • Chihuahua shaped topiary which would turn Titchmarsh the very darkest shade of envious green.   
  • Tiddles piddling on Alphonso's stiletto 
  • A partially dressed pug in a bush - BLUSHINGTONS 
  • A Tortoise in a jumper
  • Some giant alligator sized bloomers - I have a similar pair myself.  

This mirthful tale weaves its way cleverly through the pages becoming increasingly mad cap and mayhem fuelled with every turn. 
Incredibly appealing in it's humour and design these books will be snapped up and devoured in one sitting by readers of ALL ages (including people aged 34 1/2)

Prolific word smith the delightful Caryl Hart and general sweetie illustrator Alex.T.Smith have evidently worked incredibly hard creating these wonderful books and are proving to be a formidable and dynamic creative team worthy of a huge drop of success and unending rapturous showers of admiration! Bravo.
Check out Alex and Caryl on Twitter @Alex_T_Smith and @carylhart1

We simply can't wait to get our mitts on book two - 
Foxy Tales The Road to Fame and Fortune

Published by Hodder Children's Books 
(a complete steal at) £4.99

BONUS TREAT - To coincide with this review we asked for your best fox / reptilian jokes - here are some of our favourites...#foxytales

What do you call an alligator in a vest? An In-vest-igator!

Why did the fox cross the road? He was following the chicken

Waiter, bring me something to eat and make it snappy ........How about a crocodile sandwich sir !

What do you call a lizard that sings for Bad Boy Records? "A Rap-tile"

What is a crocodiles favourite game Snap

What's the definition of a nervous breakdown? ....A chameleon on a tartan rug!

For younger readers... 
Check out Foxy and Alphonso 
in these resplendent picture books! 


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