Saturday 2 April 2011

Ding Ding! All Aboard the Poo Bus...

A huge stinking pile of picture book heaven landed on the door mat of Book Sniffer Towers this week.

The picture-perfect honeys at
Puffin have sent me a copy of a brand new (not even in the shops yet!) picture book by good friend of the Book Sniffer and fan of Jaffa Cakes Mr Andy Stanton.

I'm not sure this one stops at Penge?

Ding Ding ! All Aboard the Poo Bus.
So here it is, Andy Stanton's very first (and almost certainly not the last) triumph of a picture book. 
It's a smasher, illustrated throughout by Noelle "touch of Hollywood glam" David-Brock.
This book tells the story of a cunning toad who thinks that the best way to fill his big fat toady-tum with treats is to trick the local mini beasts with a vehicle of the likes you will never have seen before (unless you have been fortunate enough to get the last night bus home via Lewisham)

The tum-rumbling toad sets about making a bus out of poo which he takes on a trip down to the seaside (Southend-on-Sea one suspects but the seaside resort is not specified)  Naturally earthworms, beetles and bugs jump at the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and hop aboard said poo bus...alas this cunning plan does not end well...Not for the bugs at least! the story culminates in a poop-tacular bug feast.

For those sniffers among us who are familiar with Andy's work, this will quench those desires for a picture book which dips a tiny toe into the pond of indecency.

There are no fairies, bunnys, bears, diggers OR dinosaurs but bet your bottom dollar (and your last rolo) that little pups everywhere will be asking for this one over and over again. 

Book Sniffer gives this riotous mad-cap picture book...
4 loo rolls and a pine scented air freshener out of 5...Smashing

Thank You to the kind folk at Puffin for sending us a copy of Here Comes The Poo Bus

Good luck with the book Andy and Noelle...

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