Wednesday 27 April 2011

A quick spin around the dance floor with the delightful Lydia Monks!

After many many evenings in at Book Sniffer Tower eagerly consuming my ever growing mountain of picture books (and catching up on Master Chef) Mouse finally persuaded me to take in the sights of this big bright city I call home - I decided to don my best bib and tucker and head to the local ballroom to check out to local filly's (and show them a move or two...natch)

As I sat sipping my lychee martini I almost choked on my glace cherry as I spotted a vision of pure beauty hot stepping it towards my booth. Flame haired and wearing a divine emerald green dress was none other than jive-tastic (star of the small screen) Lydia Monks! (gasp..and *blush*)

It was almost as though time itself had stood still but I couldn't let the moment pass so I took my chance and engaged this fine lady in a little light conversation (I treated her to a snowball too!)

I have been known to throw a few legendary shapes in my time but word has it that you Miss lovely as a sugar bun Lydia Monks are some what a master of the dance floor - say for instance I was otherwise engaged who would your dream celebrity dance partner be?

Who would my celebrity dance partner be? Wow! That's a question I've never been asked before! I'd dream about being on Strictly Come Dancing. I'd happily dance with anyone - Vincent Simone would be a treat. Or Anton. But I'm not fussy really! Apart from the lovely Strictly gentlemen, I have a bit of a thing for Micheal Flatley - but shhh! Don't tell anyone!
You've worked with heaps of famous authors is there anyone left who you would really really like to work with?

Who would I like to work with? I'd love to work with Micheal Morpurgo. (You have to aim high!) A favourite book in our house at the moment is his version of Hansel and Gretel, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark. He has a magical way with words, and has given the story a new dimension I think. Can I do something like that, please?!
<><> <><> <><>
Good enough to eat!

What are you working on at the moment and is it keeping you out of mischief?

At the moment, I am working on a big, pre-school book about a monkey. It has only five spreads, but it is very detailed and has things going on behind flaps. It's my story, (although I haven't written it yet!) Monkey lives in a tree house and drives a little car made of wood. I've just sent off the roughs.

While Monkey is being examined, I shall start some character sketches for a new Julia Donaldson text. I'm really excited by this one! It's an illustrator's dream; featuring a mermaid and a circus! What more could you want!
I am also working on a huge mural at my little girl's school.
(None of these things keep me out of mischief though, sadly!)

Half time at the tea dance what would you choose from the refreshment trolley?

 From the refreshment trolley, I would have a couple of little, triangle sandwiches. Salmon and cucumber, maybe. Then a cup of tea and an eclair.

Seeing as we are getting on so famously, Apart from being a fabulously talented illustrator, groovy dancer and sophisticat tell us three things we never knew about Lydia Monks?

Three things you never knew about me...

1. I am related to General Monck. I'll send a picture so you can see the likeness!

<><> <><> <><>
The general also looks smashing in green!

2. Most people call me 'Lyds'. One or two call me, 'Monksey'.

3. I'm not keen on groups of frogs.

BONUS FACT: I have a secret passion for rescuing old prints from charity shops

Have you spotted any good picture books lately which you think we should give a good sniffing?

The last picture book I bought was, 'Duck, Death and the Tulip', by Wolf Erlbruch. Not many children's books have Death as one of the main characters!

<><> <><> <><>
Certainly worth a sniff - although perhaps not whilst chowing down on a duck pate sandwich with the crusts cut off...

Well what a night..Lydia is one heck of a gal! find out more about Lydia's work by visiting her bonkers blog and  fabulous zingy website here you'll be astonished by all the brilliant books! ...including this...and all of these
<><> <><> <><>
A cracker for sharing!


  1. Hey - you know what, you must have thought I was a bit odd sending you those random photos of pictures on my wall. Originally one of my '3 things you don't know about me' things, was the fact that I have a secret passion for rescuing old prints from charity shops.

    I put something else in the end, and forgot not to send the photos!!

    Silly me!

    So, there you go - 4 things!! x

  2. I shall amend accordingly! TTFN! x

  3. I can spot a beautiful Belle & Boo print on that wall! If you have found that in a charity shop, I'd like the address!!!!


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