Sunday 1 May 2011

Who ate my porridge? was it YOU??? (a guest blog spot from a brand new character)

This is a picture of me accidently sitting on a cat.

I am the bear in a new book Leigh Hodgkinson is working on for the lovely Nosy Crows.
It is to be called "Goldilocks and the One Bear".
I am the One Bear.
I used to be little.
But now I am big.
I am all grown up.
That is life I suppose.
In the book I get lost and then I get dizzy and then I get hungry and then I get sleepy and then I get wide awake and then I meet up with an old friend (Goldilocks somebody or other) and then I eat some yummy porridge and then I go home.
That is also life I suppose.

I cannot deny that I like a spot of porridge. What is there not to like?
I don’t think the Book Sniffer is a porridge fan. I hear he preferes the odd croissant or two.
He doesn’t know what he is missing.
I won’t be going round to the Book Sniffers doggie kennel for breakfast anytime soon.
Not just because of the porridge thing- but also because I probably won’t fit in and it would be quite embarassing.

The book isn’t quite finished yet. I keep telling Leigh to hurry up but she doesn’t listen. It should be out next year. It will be a good book I think. A nice big size. I plan to use it as a tray to put my porridge on- but don’t tell her that.
ps. the spoon I am holding is my special porridge spoon. every bear has a special porridge spoon don't you know.


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