Tuesday 31 May 2011

The larkish tale of the asylum, the speedo's and the dog shaped bog brush!

My dearest darling Book Sniffers!
I am back from my travels the life of a hobo is not for me as one expected so I am most pleaded to be safely tucked up in the brand new Book Sniffer abode, Le Chateaux Sniff.

My adventure began the week before last when I packed my knapsack with essential items (4 boney'o's, a snack sized Pepperami, a monocle just in case I need to look more sophisticated then usual, a hair net and a satin smoking jacket) and set off on a train to Edinburgh in Scotland to meet a real life American fiction author mr Don " The Speedos" Calame  . I arrived early so plenty of time to catch 40 winks before dinner - Well I would have had I not found out that the hotel I would be staying in was on the grounds of an old haunted Asylum! EEEEEEK! Here I am in my hotel room - not being able to take a nap for fear of being awoken by spooks of an unhinged nature!

I look slightly pale with fright!

Well I met up with Don and we had a fabulous time laughing and laughing into the small hours - Although I suspect he didn't understand a word I was saying!
Here is a picture of Don and I - Check out the video on his website to meet his dog Scooter - a very talented chap indeed!

In summary our tour of "the Burgh" consisted of several visits to Grey Friars Bobby - who was not much of a conversationalist, 2 creme brulee's NO deep fried Mars Bars, but many many many laughs and Don didn't even get into his Speedo's!

After a brief stop back at Book Sniffer towers to wash my under garments I headed to Hay on Wye to join the Lipsticklicous Emma Dodd - We usually have a giggle so I was muchly looking forward to catching up with her! Here I am with an amusing dog shaped bog brush - tre handsome but not mush conversation!

We went for a fabulous dinner during which we spent a great deal of time discussing the various talents of Mr Oliver Jeffers (Who was also appearing at Hay!) We must have stayed out until the wee small hours and had rather too much sweet sherry because no sooner had I returned to my B&B  than the landlady had tucked me up - Zzzzzzzzzz

Emma is such a good egg and we had Lot's a Lot's of fun at the festival and that was just when we couldn't find the toilets!

Here is a picture of Emma signing stacks of her fabby book Roman Rescue

Here's a picture of me enjoying said book in the garden of my B&B ...

Whilst at Hay we also met up with the following MOST charming chaps...Mr Don Calame...The Two Steves...Andrew "the skate boarding poet" Peters and Jason off the gadget show Bradbury who I fell ever so slightly head over heels in love with! SWOON what a nice chap!

On my return it was time to pack up Book Sniffer Towers and head for pastures new....alas who knew I could almost make myself a new house out of all of the boxes of books! well I'm all settled in my new home and here I am In my brand new colour coded picture book shelf -

can't wait to get back to sniffing and have a great big David Melling shaped blog of delight lined up for you at the weekend!

Night Night Book Sniffers!!


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