Wednesday 16 February 2011

A Bit Lost - By Chris Haughton - published by Walker Books

GET READY TO SNIFF...  A Bit Lost written and illustrated by Chris Haughton -
I must say that the
hard back format is a particular fave of mine and this one feels silky-licous with a lovely matt finish in a charming shade of Olive. The subtle tonal pallette is something the Designers Guild would be proud of - Who says that little human people need bold primary colours? ..I can certainly say that Book Sniffing dogs don't!

And now to the story, we the reader are instantly whisked up to the top of a very tall tree where a dozy baby owl plops (via the medium of a simple but magical flap) out of it's nest into the scary woods below.  We wander through the woods joined by a slightly manic pink squirel (or "Sqiggle" as Mouse refers to them) meeting a number of other forest dwelling creatures along the way each in tern offering their advice on how to find owl's mummy (with hilarious consiquences due to a certain level of miscommunication between Owl and Squirrel).

As you would expect little owl is reunited with mummy owl and the story culminates with splendid tea party in the owls nest with plenty of biscuits and a celebration of new found friendship.

The style is a little bit paper cut and a little bit 60's but altogether unique, The text is short but finely crafted and utterly charming.
I have very much enjoyed sniffing this splendid book and Mouse liked it too. (video to follow)  A sensitive story told with humor, which wasn't in the least bit schmultzy (I'm not sure if that's how you spell schmultzy - I have never written it before..and probably never will again)
We give A Bit Lost 4 Boney'o's out of 5! Thanks Chris and Walker Books!

A Bit Lost  - "A bit FANTASTIC"- 4 Boney-o's out of 5

Here I am reading A Bit Lost to Mouse - she liked it too

Scaredy Squirrel
Bing Bunny - for younger readers
Foxley's Feast - Which I will be sniffing very SOON!

Images (c) Chris Haughton - Photo's taken by Book Sniffer - Model used - Mouse

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