Monday 21 February 2011

Mange tout, mange tout - It's "ABC des petites Annonces"

It has recently been brought to my attention that SOME people think that I may be a French Bulldog rather than a pug, quelle horreur, this is simply not possible! I didn't understand a single word in "ABC des petites Announces" - But Zoot Allorez I loved it none the less.

Book shops in Europe warm my cockles, the shelves are brimming with beautiful hardback picture books - Don't even get me started on the book shops in Sweden SWOON!
Well this little gem didn't disappoint and I wore a jaunty red beret when reading it just for good measure!
Here are two of my most beloved spreads - the first features some rabbits experimenting with weaponry and the second a sad fox named Emma - just two small glimpses into this wonderful retro chic picture book!

cest magnifique!
4 croissants and a snail out of 5

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