Wednesday 23 February 2011

Limelight Larry - By Leigh "lovely" Hodgkinson

There is SIMPLY no way that Limelight Larry could go without a good sniffing - It is simply SUBLIME...

Presenting Limelight Larry - by the super-duper talented Leigh Hodgkinson - Published by Orchard Books

Limelight Larry by friend of the squirrels - Leigh Hodgkinson

In this book you will find the following..
Limelight Larry, a sneaky little mouse, Limelight Larry, a roller skating pigeon, Limelight Larry, a fox in a dashing Red Riding hood cape, Limelight Larry, a big bear in a top hat ( a bit like Frank Bruno), Limelight Larry, a pigeon on a unicycle, Limelight Larry, several adorable bunnies, Limelight Larry, a huge elephant, Limelight Larry and a fabulous picnic...You get the gist this tickle-some story is ALL about Larry.  

And if you are still not convinced (HUMPH) There only a blinkin' full page centre spread with beeeutiful bedazzling foil that a magpie would give his right eye for.

Book Sniffer is a little bit in love with Larry...

A Big fat Frank-Bruno-Bear drinking out of a teeny tiny cup!

Natch I like my moment in the limelight but I'm more than happy to share the stage with this peculiarly fantastic peacock!

Leigh works in a shed in her garden and in this shed she has created heaps and heaps of picture book treasures including Book Sniffer top faves, Smile, Scrummy, Colin and the Snoozebox and Colin and the Wrong Shadow, Leigh is now working on a new exciting project with the Nosy Crow's and it's going to be a corker - read more about that little gem here ...

Image (c) Leigh Hodgkinson - Find out more here!!!

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