Thursday 10 March 2011

A postcard from Kathmandu...

Sniff Sniff...What's that I smell....could it be Bisto? ..surely not...!
Of course It's the heady scent of the Bisto Children's Book Award and you'll never guess who's been shortlisted, only mythical picture book legend Chris Haughton and his snifftacular picture book "A Bit Lost" .
With not a moments thought I penned the dear boy a postcard of congratulations!

If you haven't yet had the chance to read this splendid picture book you can revisit our Book Sniffer review here...

Having never ventured much further than Hay-on-Wye myself one was intrigued to hear more about Chris's trip to Kathmandu - As well as being a super-smashing designer (being voted one of the top 100 design talents  by Time Magazine for his work with Fair Trade projects) Chris works very closely with the Mahaguthi project in Nepal - (read more about this awe inspiring project and Chris's involvment  here)

We have word that Chris may be about to em"bark" (pardon the pun) on a project making dogs similar to these charming little  toot-tastic owls from A Bit Lost  - which he created in Nepal as part of one of the  People Tree  Fair Trade  initiatives

One wonders if the dogs he has in mind are inspired by his brand new creation George who will feature in his very own picture book Oh-No George! coming soon!.

Here are some (top secret)  tantalising sneak peeks from this juicy little book...George looks like my kind'a guy!

Dashing...(not unlike myself)

resting...(or playing dead?)
Can we wait for Oh No George? ...OH NO WE CAN'T!

The Book Sniffer would very much like to thank Chris for corresponding with us all the way over in Kathmandu and looks forward to sharing a nice cup of Bovril and some Boney'o's on his return (in the hopes that we may get to sniff a finished copy of Oh No George! and be able to tell you all about it ...natch)

Images (c) Chris Haughton


  1. how soon will it be before the dashing George can be borrowed from my local library ?

  2. about a year i think...should be out in march...ish...


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